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Conference Abstracts

The TCM Chemistry Specialty Committee and the TCM Pharmaceutical Analysis Specialty Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
  Joint meeting GP-TCM research association,Belgium,2015
  2015(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.02 M)]


Nobel Prize for Artemisinin Inspires Modern TCM Research
  De-An Guo
  2015(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(34.11 K)]

Modern Research on Chinese Materia Medica

Artemisinin–Second Career as Anticancer Drug?
  Thomas Efferth
  2015(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(404.97 K)]
Toxicity Classification and Detoxification Strategies of Chinese Materia Medica
  Guang-Ping Zhang, Hong-Ping Hou and Zu-Guang Ye*
  2015(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(146.82 K)]
Metabolomics and Its Potential in Drug Discovery andDevelopment From TCM
  Hang Chu, Ai-Hua Zhang, Ying Han and Xi-Jun Wang
  2015(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(143.82 K)]

Research on TCM Theory

Pathophysiological Characteristics of Phlegm-stasis Cementation Syndrome in Coronary Heart Disease: a Review and Update
  Jian-Xun Rena, Dennis Changb and Jian-Xun Liua*
  2015(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(97.02 K)]

TCM Clinical Research

Interventional Effect of Jianpi Bushen Granule Combined with Western Medicine on the Level of Serum Acetylcholine Receptor Antibodies in Myasthenia Gravis Patients
  Chao Jiangab, Ping Liub*, Jing-Sheng Zhangc, Wen-Jing Baoc, Yan Liangb, Shao-Bo Qiub and Lin Jiangd
  2015(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(189.22 K)]

Acupuncture & Moxibustion

Clinical Practice Guideline of Acupuncture for Bell’s Palsy
  Xi Wua, Ying Lia, Yi-Hui Zhua, Hui Zhenga, Qin Chenb, Xue-Zhi Lic, Ling Luoa, Fang Zenga, Wen-Jing Huanga, Ling Zhaoa, Xiao-Dong Wud, Hong Zhaoe, Ming-Jie Zif, Xu Guog, Si-Yuan Zhoua, Hui-Juan Tana and Fan-Rong Lianga*
  2015(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(277.50 K)]
Assessment of Short-term Acupuncture Effect Through Electro-conductivity Variation of Yuan-Source Acupoints
  Daniel Cerqueira Ribeiroab*, Andre´ Anto´ nio Moura dos Santosbb, Rui Pedro Loureiroa, Rui Miguel Gonc¸alvesb and Jorge Pereira Machadoa
  2015(4) [Abstract]  [View PDF(292.19 K)]