Volume 2,Issue 1,2016 Table of Contents

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Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine with ModernScience is the Way Forward
  De-An Guoa and Jing-Yan Hanbcde
  2016,2(1) [Abstract]  [View PDF(39.09 K)]

Modern Research on Chinese Materia Medica

DART-MS: A New Research Tool for Herbal Medicine Analysis
  Yao Shen, Wan-Ying Wu and De-An Guo*
  2016,2(1) [Abstract]  [View PDF(285.88 K)]
Tonic Herbs and Herbal Mixtures in Chinese Medicine
  Thomas Effertha*, Letian Shanb and Zhuo-Wen Zhangb
  2016,2(1) [Abstract]  [View PDF(343.21 K)]
Evidence Based Validation of Indian Traditional Medicine – Way Forward
  Pulok K Mukherjee*, Ranjit K Harwansh, Shiv Bahadur, Subhadip Banerjee and Amit Kar
  2016,2(1) [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.32 M)]
The Genus Alpinia: A Review of Its Phytochemistry and Pharmacology
  Wei-Jie Zhanga, Jian-Guang Luoa and Ling-Yi Kong*
  2016,2(1) [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.47 M)]
Pharmacokinetics Applications of Traditional Chinese Medicines
  Qiu-Ju Li, Ai-Hua Zhang, Hui Sun and Xi-Jun Wang*
  2016,2(1) [Abstract]  [View PDF(168.37 K)]

Research on TCM Theory

A Comparative Study of The Regular Pattern of Syndrome and Treatment of Lung-intestine Related Diseases in Ancient and Modern Medical Cases Based on Data Mining
  Fang-Fang Moa, Le-Peng Wanga and Si-Hua Gaoa*
  2016,2(1) [Abstract]  [View PDF(130.93 K)]

TCM Clinical Research

The Role of Chinese Medicine in Cancer Care—aCritical Review
  Dan Jianga*, Fan-Yi Mengb, Lily Lic and Fan Qud
  2016,2(1) [Abstract]  [View PDF(130.67 K)]

Acupuncture & Moxibustion

The Importance of Evidence for the Integration ofTraditional and Complementary Medicine intoWestern Healthcare?
  Nicola Robinson*
  2016,2(1) [Abstract]  [View PDF(85.69 K)]