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Comparison of Granules for Prescription and Classical Decoctions by High‑performance Thin‑layer Chromatography‑fingerprint Analysis
  Katharina Schillera, Jörg Heilmanna, Detlef Mannsb and Gerhard Franza
  2018(1) [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.68 M)]
A Preliminar y Study on Combination Therapy of Artemisinin Dimer Oxime and Topotecan against Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer in Mice
  Mohammad K. Ashfaqa, Mohamed Sadek Abdel‑Bakkyac, Mir Tahir Maqboolaa, Waseem Gulad and Mahmoud A. ElSohlyabd
  2018(1) [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.22 M)]
An Integrated Study for the Utilization of Anthraquinone Compounds Extract “Heshouwu” In vivo and their Comparative Metabolism in Liver Microsomes Using UPLC‑ESI‑Q‑TOF/MSn
  Sha Chena, Hong‑Yu Maa, Zhe Denga, Jun Zhanga, Jin‑Tang Chenga, Chang Chena and An Liua
  2018(1) [Abstract]  [View PDF(509.23 K)]
Relationship between Free Fatty Acid Spectrum, Blood Stasis Score, and Macroangiopathy in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes
  De‑Liang Liua, Shu‑Fang Chua, Hui‑Lin Lia, Heng‑Xia Zhaoa, Xue‑Mei Liua, Xin Qua, Yi‑Nan Zhoub, Zhe Chenb and Xue‑Wen Zhangc
  2018(1) [Abstract]  [View PDF(677.22 K)]
Cloning and Expression Analysis of Two Dehydrodolichyl Diphosphate Synthase Genes from Tripterygium wilfordii
  Lin‑Hui Gaoa, Ping Sub, Yi‑Feng Zhangab, Li‑Chan Tua, Yu‑Jun Zhaob, Tian‑Yuan Hua, Jia‑Wei Zhoua, Bao‑Wei Maa, Wei Gaoac and Lu‑Qi Huangb
  2018(1) [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.70 M)]